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Eva’s Best two Top Trump Cards



Every Tuesday we do computing , computing is enjoying  lesson. I enjoyed doing top trumps but i think i can improve with my copying and pasting . I think I have done an amazing job!

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  1. Well done Eva! I think you should add a font!

  2. I LOVE YOUR CARDS! They are so cute .They are brilliant.They are like the sun.

  3. Well done Eva – some lovely cards! They are well designed and you managed to import pictures and create boxes really well. Excellent effort – BLOB.

  4. Well Done Eva
    You did lovely top trump cards but the pictures are a little bit to small but you did a lovely job well done Eva

  5. I personally like your pictures because you have put the right category for your personality however, you could make your writing bigger.
    From Aroush

  6. Eva your cards are good you just need to put some more colour in your sentences.

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