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Jethro ‘s best two top trump cards


I first went on shapes and then found rectangle shape and found a square shape  and another square shape . Then copied it onto another rectangle then I went on images and found a PS4 and a xbox picture .Then on the square I put how common it is ,size ,loading speed and popular   I put the same on the other card I also did that all I need is a little more things on the top tittle I also used jpeg

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  1. I like the way you are doing game consoles Jethro. I think the Card size could be improved just a tiny bit although I’m impressed.

  2. I like that you did gaming consoles I think the separation of the Cards could be improved just a tiny bit though I’m impressed

  3. I like how you did consoles even though there is writing on the right side but i like everything else

  4. I love the pictures of the play station and x box . You put by accident a black line over x box now I can’t see it but never mind. I think you can improve on is your gaps because you left a big gap on one of them but the is smaller.
    from your best friend Nathanaelm

  5. Jethro you have amazing card’s,but you have put a line through one of your words,therefor a can not see the word. over all you have excellent.

  6. Some good cards, Jethro and I like the theme you chose. However, you need toro spend a little more time editing as the cards were aligned differently and you could not read one of the titles!

  7. Jethro your cards are really good but the title on the 2 card I can’t see the writing overall it’s good.

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